A Quiet Conversation

I was fortunate enough today to speak with what I would like to call a budding friend from afar about my journey not only as owner of The Pushy Goat, but how my education is gearing me up for my future.

I’ve spoken with Elora before, what seems like ages ago, when she edited her first article written for a publication about The Pushy Goat. So, not only was it fun to touch base about that, but also about how Holistic Herbalism is not only fitting into my personal life, but at The Goat as well. What struck me after this was that I rarely have actual conversations with anyone about my program and how I want to incorporate it into The Pushy Goat in the near future as well as how I see it playing into my personal life and the distant future for work as well as for myself. So, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to hop on here and jot a few things down.

Maybe it will strike a chord with some people, and maybe it won’t. I am learning what is important is to set it out in the world and see what comes back.

So, what am I doing? I know that anyone can be an Herbalist. I know I didn’t have to invest in a long program (mine is a year) and I could have opted to just read and study about all these wonderful herbs and plants and figure out how to apply them to myself and possibly friends and family. I didn’t want just that though. I wanted to be fully equipped to not only help myself, friends and family but to also be able to bring it to my existing and future clientele. I wanted to be able to do this with a very well-rounded knowledge of not only plants, but how these plants and herbs best work with each individual in order to bring them to there happy place within themselves.

Herbal Tea

Much like everything, I believe you have to look at the WHOLE person, picture, plant, you name it. If you really want results, if you really want to feel your best, if you really want to look into your future and help that individual, it is extremely important to look at all aspects of the person. Physical, emotional, mental, etc. Not only is it important to look at the whole person to asses their root cause, but to look at plants and herbs the same way in order to see which of these living beings works best with the person sitting in front of me.

How do I see this coming to fruition at The Pushy Goat? Well, I speak with a lot of people, unbeknownst to them, and use the information they give me to help apply what I am learning in school to real life. With this information I am gaining a wealth of knowledge, and I feel as though I am at an advantage because of what these daily opportunities give to me. I would love to be able to help the individuals that I already know become healthier versions of themselves and move towards their goals of getting over these ailments, working through them, instead of putting a band-aid on them like allopathic medicine does.

I want to provide new services that compliment the bodywork they are receiving but enhances them through herbs. I am also planning on fun new intake “quizzes” so everyone can learn about there innate constitutions, even if you aren’t interested in herbalism. Remember those fun quizzes we all took in Teen Magazine? Who doesn’t love learning about themselves? I want to introduce everyone to Herbalism, Ayurvedic concepts, medical astrology, you name it. Again, it is fun to learn about yourself even if it is only “superficial”.

From there, I would love to get clients to really want to help themselves and schedule an in-depth one on one consultation with me and go from there! Whether it is for an acute problem or something more chronic, gut issues from antibiotic use, or they just want to maintain their healthy, happy homeostasis, I would love to be able to educate people to do this through plants and herbs.

I will be able to look at an individual & assess what is happening on a tissue level in different organ systems, then get them a synergistic blend of herbs that will help facilitate positive change within the body without harming the body. Not every herb is great for every person. Using a combination of herbs specific to the constitution of the individual is key.

Herbal Apothocary

This is my dream. To not only bring herbalism and plant-based living to complete fruition in my life, but to help facilitate the expansion and conversation about herbalism with others. To help people see how communication with plants and herbs has been around for 100’s of years and we have strayed so far from this. Plucking bits and pieces of plants apart in order to come up with some “magical” pill that ends up having a long list of side effects because we are utilize the plants as a whole, paying attention to what they have to offer us as a complete being.

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