Having a Choice is Better, Right?

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

I am actually really excited…as well as bummed and nervous all at the same time. In a couple of days,I am visiting with my Naturopath and having a food sensitivity test done. Like the BIG ONE, not just the one that you do at home. Which are completely cool and informative, I thought about doing one myself — then I attempted that with a home hormone test and completely botched it — I don’t need that responsibility. Also, my naturopath explained to me the difference in those tests and the ones she could request and interpret and give me the most complete picture.

Sign me right up! I am on a mission to learn all about myself and live my best life, right?

Honestly, if I really give myself the chance to think about it, I would say I am a bit apprehensive as well. Apprehensive, because what I am about to learn is going to give me information. With information, we are given a choice. A choice to educate ourselves, a choice to consider the consequences of each choice, and a choice to change or settle for where you are (if a change is better of course).

With that choice comes a responsibility. To hold yourself accountable. Do you really want to be better? Do you really want to live your best life and a life that affects others in a positive way?

When you feel good inside, you feel good outside. Your environment is a reflection of how you feel inside. Does your mind feel chaotic? Your world might as well. But think about all the aspects that cause your mind to feel chaotic. I am learning that it can all be related to the gut. Like pretty much most things. Turns out we are what we eat. Or as my instructor would say, “you are what you assimilate”. Don’t get me wrong, I have been told this for years. Did anyone else’s Granpa tell them that if they swallowed a watermelon or sunflower seed one would grow out of our ears? While I know that isn’t completely true, they just delivered the message too “lightly” for our little ears…or at least for mine.

So, now if I find out I have a food sensitivity its my responsibilty to make a change and hold myself accountable.

Being an informed adult sucks sometimes. But, if you want to be your best self. Embrace knowledge. It’s one small choice in a lifetime of happiness ahead. Not everyone can afford a food sensitivity test, but let’s be honest, the principle doesn’t just apply to this scenario. Small changes in your self-awareness, as painful as they may seem, are worth it for the growth. At least that is what I try to remind myself.

But for now, I am eating all the nachos, all the pasta, and all the peanut m&m’s I can. Just kidding guys, I know those aren’t “the best” choices, but a gal has to have some fun…at least until I get the tests back!

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