Jennifer Sauer
Avid Learner & Seeker of Truth
Head Goat at The Pushy Goat

“You are the Universe becoming conscious of itself.”

-Eckhart Tolle

Everyday I have the opportunity to affect change, no matter how small, in the minds and bodies of my clients and community, because I’ll never forget that feeling of “what the heck am I doing”. Although my original business, The Pushy Goat, was a big hap-hazard, I know there are other people feeling the same way, and I’ve got to use what I know to show them what’s possible. I think it is important as conscious beings to honor the vital force that flows within ourselves & through the world around us. I believe in the connection of everything in this world and it is our responsibility to honor these connections by honoring our intuition and providing our bodies with natural avenues for hit to self regulate and heal.

I am an avid traveler, experience maker, insatiable learner, massage therapist, plant lover, holistic healer and accidental entrepreneur. 

After 14 years of working at spa after spa, after cruise ship after another spa,  I was burnt out and unsure how to get out of the rut. “What do I actually want to be “when I grow up?!” Was a question on the forefront of my mind everyday.

I knew my mission was to “do good things and make a big impact” … I was (and sometimes still am) unclear HOW to go about DOING this.

Anyone else wondering this?

Well, ME TOO!

“You don’t have to solve your whole life tonight. You just have to SHOW UP and TRY. Focus on the most immediate thing in front of you. You’ll figure out the rest along the way.” -Kirsten Corley

The ups and downs of building the business and it’s day-to-day responsibilities as well as try to stay true to my mission were daunting, yet exciting. As always, I used this as an opportunity to not only help my clients, but to impact the community, giving me the drive to push through the frustrations and keep growing The Pushy Goat’s reach.

Now, not only to I continue to develop into my role as a leader at The Pushy Goat, but I am steadfast on my path of growth and expansion of my mind and self. Constantly looking for ways to expand and be a pillar in the community, I am working with a handful of women that encourage this for themselves as well. Our corner that we have carved out in Wichita, KS feels very unique. I am working on spreading that reach to a larger community not only by giving back to the community (something we have done since day 1), but through educating myself to better educate individuals in my reach.

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