What’s that smell?

I am getting ready to discuss something that is actually kind of embarrassing for me. As I continue my walk down this Herbalist path I have found myself fortunate to be touching base with some of my roots within massage & bodywork. Herbalism has brought me back in touch with my Ayurvedic Massage training, somethingContinue reading “What’s that smell?”

Having a Choice is Better, Right?

I am actually really excited…as well as bummed and nervous all at the same time. In a couple of days,I am visiting with my Naturopath and having a food sensitivity test done. Like the BIG ONE, not just the one that you do at home. Which are completely cool and informative, I thought about doingContinue reading “Having a Choice is Better, Right?”

A Quiet Conversation

I was fortunate enough today to speak with what I would like to call a budding friend from afar about my journey not only as owner of The Pushy Goat, but how my education is gearing me up for my future. I’ve spoken with Elora before, what seems like ages ago, when she edited herContinue reading “A Quiet Conversation”

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa): “She who has a hundred husbands”

I have mentioned before that I have been taking Ayurvedic herbs as a way to help balance my doshas, but I am also taking these herbal supplements to help with other things as well. Such as stress relief, detoxification, promote healthy hair, and to help facilitate some mental clarity. My focus is severely lacking atContinue reading “Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa): “She who has a hundred husbands””

Full Speed Ahead. Then Stop.

How many of us get so eager to try something new that we just jump feet first, full speed ahead only to get burnt out quickly? Most of us probably automatically go to a new workout regimen or diet plan. However, I find that, overwhelmingly, human nature is to do this really in any newContinue reading “Full Speed Ahead. Then Stop.”

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

We all know and love this little succulent. Aloe brings back fond memories of my childhood. A lot of us have probably used its gel to help ease sunburns during our sunny months. I always loved the soothing, cool feeling that aloe gave me after a reckless day in the sun. It turns out thatContinue reading “Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)”


Now, more than ever humanity needs every type of healing it can get. Plants & herbs can help facilitate the true healing we need as individuals, having the ability to touch our minds & hearts with the hopes of pointing us in the direction that makes us more conscience about our existence and how weContinue reading “Ashwagandha”

Healing whole people with whole plants.

Greetings friends! I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to give you all an “update” on my herbalism 🌿 course, but I guess it’s more of a foundational understanding of what it is. 🌿 This course will take me a year to complete, or should. If you know me, you know I tendContinue reading “Healing whole people with whole plants.”

What is Elevate Me Naturally?

This project has been “in the works” for several years I would say. When I was younger I worked aboard cruise lines as a massage therapist. Of course travel was on the forefront of my brain, but what I didn’t realize I was going to get was exposure to many different cultures from all overContinue reading “What is Elevate Me Naturally?”